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Less admin and more impact - regardless of the industry.

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes, but the core of good volunteer management remains the same regardless of the industry!

Supporting volunteers who support

our community.

Volaby was developed after thousands of conversations with volunteer managers who work in all sorts of community-focused, charity and nonprofit industries. Our platform is based on first-hand experience and feedback from customers and industry leaders who are closest to the action!

Throughout this journey, one thing was clear – almost all organisations needed a purpose-built solution to help recruit, schedule, roster, manage and track the impact their volunteers had in their community.

This has ultimately influenced the fundamentals of Volaby’s development and its ongoing evolution so that we can help maximise the potential for as many community-focused organisations as possible. Today, we are a tried-and-true volunteer management and scheduling solution for businesses of all sizes, built to help connect our wonderful communities!

Some of the industries

we support:

Healthcare & mental health


Volunteer software that allows you to set up screening and qualification questions to make sure your volunteers are the right fit to support those most vulnerable in your service.

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Homelessness & community support


Volunteer management solution that creates simple self-service registration, event scheduling and attendance tracking, so you can spend more time on growing your cause.


Environmental protection


Volunteer scheduling software that helps to qualify and onboard like-minded and environmentally passionate volunteers to help nonprofits grow their volunteer database and manage volunteer attendance across multiple projects and locations.


Animal and wildlife


Scheduling software that helps to free up your volunteering administration, so organisations can spend more time activating their volunteer army to engage and support those who can’t support themselves.


Sporting and recreation


Volunteer scheduling software that helps coordinate and track your calendar of events, as well as a tool to create reoccurring team events in real-time!


Education and community centre


An online software platform that helps with recruitment and volunteer scheduling for your organisation or charity events, through simple online scheduling and team shifts at your location.



many more!

Volunteer management made easy

for your industry.

With years of experience managing volunteers under our belt, we understand the needs of industries such as healthcare, homelessness and community support, animal and wildlife conservation, environmental protection, sporting and recreation, education, council and government – as well as what tools can help you engage, manage and create more impact.

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