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Volunteer management software that has been developed from first-hand experience, to help like-minded organisations to scale their community impact.



After countless spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and texts, Australian-born charity Orange Sky was tired of working at 150% capacity just to keep the wheels turning in their volunteer operations (not to mention taking away the resources needed to scale their cause!).

After a global search to find the right solution, Orange Sky concluded there was nothing that fit its needs and decided to create a volunteer management platform. After using this technology to automate and scale 2,000+ volunteers across Australia and NZ, it quickly took the attention of Google, who decided to back this technology so that other volunteering organisations could benefit and replicate this success to scale their social impact.

In December 2018,

Volaby was born.

Volaby is now proud to be supporting many volunteering organisations across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States which come in all shapes and sizes while sharing a similar vision.

Volaby is passionate about supporting the nonprofit sector, which is why all Volaby subscriptions are recycled either back into the platform for constant improvements, or in Orange Sky’s services that help support those doing it tough.



Volaby’s ultimate goal is to continually develop tools and features which make it easier than ever for volunteering organizations to quickly create, engage and activate their army of volunteers – so that more people and leaders can have an important impact in their community with less time and fewer costs.

We know that for a lot of volunteers, their time and availability can be very limited as they typically have an extensive list of personal priorities, events and commitments to maintain outside of their volunteering opportunities. To improve the volunteer experience, we will continue to explore and work on ways to make it as simple as possible for volunteers to easily search and sign up for their preferred services of choice, stay informed and give back to their community. 

We see Volaby’s future as a collaborative one with our partners, where we are open to learning from their experiences and sharing ideas for future growth. Volaby works closely with its partners to help influence, guide and improve our roadmap of features. We also love collaborating with our partners on Volaby Voice articles, to engage our Volaby audience with interesting brand experiences and resource sharing. We invite you to be a part of it!

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