Campfire Terminology

What does it mean to be a Campfire Partner?

From the beginning, Campfire has always defined our “customers” (The organisations who choose to use Campfire) as partners. The term partnership can be defined in many different ways and usually, in a business setting, a partnership is: a formal agreement made by two or more parties to jointly manage and operate a company (thanks investopedia). Although, when we look at who we have “on our books” so to speak, those we have listed as our partners don’t typically align with the aforementioned definition. Yes, we have a formal agreement, but we don’t join forces to both operate and manage their organisation. Instead, we assist them in their adoption of our software through the Campfire platform. So, how do they differ from an everyday software subscriber? It has everything to do with growth and development. Both, Campfire and our partners, have a growth goal mindset meaning that, although we might be working towards something very different, we are still moving forward. 

We asked a few members of the campfire team how they would define a campfire partner. 

Alex: To me, being a Campfire partner means joining a community and a mission that is focused on innovating and doing things smarter so that we can have as large an impact as possible on our community with as little effort and resources as needed. It is about supporting each other’s mission in any way we can, because we all align to similar values and (ultimately) we are all working towards the same outcome – a better way of life for everyone. 

Jay: in our sector nobody gets anywhere being competitive and secretive so sharing experiencing so many NFP backgrounds to utilise that knowledge and grow Campfire is invaluable and at the end of the day we are practically crowd sourcing knowledge to build the best volunteering platform we can 

Dan: To me being a campfire partner is a strong reflection of an organizations value and appreciation of their vollies and admirable that they chose to embrace change and the hurdles of new processes in order to be able to spend more time focusing on their positive community impacts and less on administration tasks. 


For me personally, Campfire Partners mean orgs who 

  1. Believes in people and potential of technology to bring out the best from people (to empower people) 
  2. Are champions of social change and social good 

Mike: It’s like marriage – we are making a commitment to each other – in this case, to find shared value and amplify our respective impact on the world. 

And a little something from one of our Campfire partners: Mobilise 

We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Campfire. As a volunteer-run organisation with outreaches at the core of what we do – good logistics and planning are fundamental to our mission. Campfire is a system that will enable us to develop and expand our outreach plans across the country while ensuring we can maintain and foster engagement with our incredible volunteers that help fuel our organisation. 

The opportunity to come onboard with Campfire while we continue to grow is an opportunity for both of our organisations to continue to develop together which will ultimately lead to a bigger change for those who need it most across our society  

It’s incredible when we can band together to create a common understanding and although we may all define a campfire partner slightly differently – there is a definite commonality in the context from each of the above; to strive for growth and a positive change in the community.

I guess I am pretty lucky in my role where I get to see each partnership grow from the minute an organisation starts their adoption journey with Campfire. And, just like the above sentiments, each partner has a different definition, but each have the same underlying message. This is similar to each of their mission statements and varying organisations, each differ, but can be tied together by a commonality of amplifying their impact in the community.  

Alice Spies

Campfire‘s Customer Success Manager