Work From Home vs Work From Office

Why working from home is possible in the digital age.

At the beginning of my time working at Orange Sky and the Campfire team, I claimed, “pretty stationary doesn’t make you any more productive,” well for me that’s the truth anyway. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my leather bound diary and it looks mighty fine walking into a meeting. But what happens when we stopped walking into meetings and started just to appear on each other’s screens? The necessity for clean, useful and reliable technology overtook my love for writing things down.

We have discussed technology a bit in these Campfire blogs, and my colleague, Alex Urquhart took the time to breakdown “What is SaaS?” but what we need to breakdown is, how technology can simplify, not complicate. The idea of adopting new technology can make people freeze and start asking themselves a million little questions about the necessity of it. What I have come to learn about this topsy-turvy year is that technology has enabled me to be a very flexible worker and team member independent of my space.  

To be completely honest, it was my external environment that was affecting my work ethic, not the tools I was using to implement it. 

The Campfire team, along with most of the Orange Sky HQ team, have started trekking back into HQ and working from the office which has given us time to reflect on why working from home was something so easy for us to transition into and back out of (or stay in for some!). We use SaaS tools that are used for their sole purpose. From CRM, to project management to internal and external meetings – we can say “there’s a program (or app) for that!” Some might say that there are too many programs and platforms out there that muddy the waters when users are seeking clarity – but in all honesty, if you had to sign a contract, you would use a pen; if you had to write a document, you would use a computer; if you had to pay someone, you would use your banking app. All in, we use different tools, to do different jobs. Most of the workforce these days wear multiple hats, meaning that their role and responsibilities can morph differently on a daily (if not hourly) basis. So why we wouldn’t use different tools to do different types of work?  

If we take a step back to pre-SaaS days, I’m curious to know, how many of you think the work from home arrangement would have been successful over the last couple of months? Surely, being “heavily encouraged” would have forced a change in our working styles, as necessity is the key motivator to change, but would the change have been for the better? Who knows – and there is no way of knowing, but what we do know is, the fluidity of moving between the office without much disruption to our work load, ethic and productivity has not been hindered.  

We can absolutely attribute this to cloud based software that enables live documents, multiple users and information deployment in real time. This means that platforms, like Campfire, excel in times like these. Volunteer Management has been left in the shadows substantially when it comes to technological advancements, (which if you ask me sucks because these people are the real MVP and an ROI on volunteer management software is 100%). We have seen an incredible adoption rate in Campfire over the last few months which has contributed to our continuing improvement and building our functionality to amplify the sector’s impact on the community. 

Alice Spies

Campfire's Customer Success Manager