New Volaby Partner Announcement!

Introducing Generous & Grateful!

Welcome to the Volaby family Generous & Grateful!

At GG – they connect excess with need to help people and the planet.

​Making housing a HOME means brighter futures for our most vulnerable.

GG are working to ensure all people being assisted into housing can access the bulky essentials that make it a home, enabling them to thrive.

Beds + Fridge + Sofa + Table & Chairs = Dignity and Hope

Their Overall Mission – By helping them set up warm safe homes quickly, we focus on enabling people to regain their dignity and control of their lives. Their case manager or social workers use their education and expertise to help manage their complex needs, we get the tricky task of big furniture and electricals out of the way so they can do everything else! Recipients are boosted by the knowledge that generous kind people, whom they need never even meet, see them, truly care and bring together their excess goods, skills, muscles and spaces to help them towards their future goals.

Check out the link below if you would like to join their cause and volunteer!