New Volaby Partner Announcement!

Introducing: Engineers without Borders

Welcome to the Volaby family Engineers without Borders!

At Engineers Without Borders Australia, their purpose is to harness the potential of engineering to create an equitable reality for the planet and its people.


EWB define technology as any means that humans use to adapt the environment.


This amazing organisation engages with all aspects of the engineering community – from local high schools, to universities, all the way up to the professional stage for new and long term veterans of the industry. Helping to establish and grow the positive effects and impact engineers have on the community at large through their members and volunteers.

EWB wrote:

“Engineers have a responsibility to act as stewards of technology, and consider the upstream and downstream impacts to ensure that the results bring benefit before, during and after the creation of each intervention, for all those that came before us, who put this responsibility in our hands – now and for generations to follow. All living things and the world around us, the land, the air, the waterways and ocean. As such, engineers acting as technology stewards have a moral imperative to design, develop and implement technology with care and consideration for all.”

Check out the link below if you would like to join their cause and volunteer!