Orange Sky's Team Delta Project

Increasing Utilisation of Shift Services (Part 1)

We can safely say that the non-profits we work alongside of do everything they can with what they have in order to make a sustainable impact in the community.

With great pride, the Orange Sky team are no exception to this.

Utilising every dollar that is provided to Orange Sky’s services is something we are passionate about and don’t take lightly.

With the recent launch of OSA’s Team Delta, we dived head first into an honest look at each of the services we provide to the community from week to week, in order to diagnose which areas are thriving, which are in need of more support, and what we can learn from the data and insights from our volunteers moving forward. This is with the ultimate goal of making sure we are fully utilising our donations and resources to make the biggest impact possible!

Check PART 1 of this Journey with our amazing Product Manager, James Keele, as he gives us a quick overview and insight into Team Delta’s next Project “Increase Shift Utilisation” (see below!).