Why I am Passionate about Campfire and Volunteer my Own Time to Spread the Word

Meet Campfire's very own volunteer, Dan Young who has graciously put his hand up to help out wherever he can with Campfire and as a man of many talents is an incredibly valued member of the team.

We wanted to know more about Dan and why he wants to volunteer his time to our organisation – read his story here!

3 months ago, I had never heard of Campfire and whilst I had some knowledge of the amazing work that Orange Sky Australia does throughout our communities, I’d always known them as solely a service helping our friends with laundry, hot showers and most importantly, non-judgemental conversation.  When I came across the Campfire App through an online job vacancy advertisement, I had no idea there was an even greater potential movement for good gaining momentum under the roof of the Orange Sky headquarters in Brisbane.  

Having such an amazing culture it wasn’t surprising that they’d already filled the position by the time I’d heard about it, (much to my disappointment) however after learning more about Campfire App I knew that if I could volunteer my time to Campfire it could potentially make a difference not just to my own local community, which I was already engaged with through Meals on Wheels, but help to empower and engage with thousands of volunteers right across the country doing amazing work across a magnitude of different causes. I now volunteer my time three days a week, engaging and collaborating with our external partner organisations and love being able to meet such wonderful people and show them how we can make their organisations run smoother with the Campfire App.   

Campfire’s motto is #tech4good which simply means that at the forefront of our ethos is our purpose-built software solution has been developed in strong collaboration with other Not-for-profit organisations ensuring that we continue to develop and improve our purpose-built Not-for-profit software solution and that our profits go back into developing future Campfire solutions to continue to improve the volunteering experience throughout Australia.

If you would like to know more about the Campfire solution and how it can help streamline your volunteer engagement, please get in touch for a no obligation discussion and demonstration.

Dan has been with us since the end of January and has continued to make our impact positive, especially in the partnerships team.

Let Dan know if Campfire is something you would like to know more about!