Orange Sky's Team Delta Project

Increasing Utilisation of Shift Services (Part 2)

After an exciting and jam-packed couple of months, we have wrapped up the Delta Team‘s “Filling Shifts” Project!

In case you missed part 1click hereto get up to speed before jumping into part 2.

Orange Sky is passionate about innovating and is always on the look out for new ways in which we can stretch a dollar further, so that we can help more of those who need it most.

The “Filling Shifts” project from the (Orange Sky’s Delta Team), set out to do just that, by:

  • Reviewing our current operations (how and why shifts are started and maintained)
  • Collecting data and insights from all those stakeholders involved
  • Experimenting with potential solutions; and finally,
  • Unpacking what worked, what didn’t, and what we might need to focus on in the near future to help Orange Sky be more resourceful in order to help more people!

This 2 part series follows this project, how/why we did it, and what the findings were!

Check out our second video of the series below – hope you Enjoy!