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Volunteer management survey results

The results are in!

Volaby is always interested to understand as much as we can about volunteers, volunteer management, and of course the amazing volunteer managers themselves!

So, in the midst of our never-ending research into these topics, we set out to interview as many volunteer-affiliated managers and leaders who were comfortable to share their insights from their experience in the industry.

We wanted to share this with out audience(s) as we believe sharing common challenges and lessons learnt (as well as great ideas!) tends to help connect and foster further curiosity and innovation within a community – plus it’s always great to hear how others are doing things in their neck of the woods!

At a high-level, this survey covered:

  • A snapshot of their volunteer management process
  • Common challenges and recommendations from managers
  • The types and frequency of their engagement volunteers
  • Preferences in their volunteer platforms, channels and tools

Hope you enjoy!