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Volunteer Funnel Framework!

The first step to improving anything is to understand how it works first! 

As of June 2021, Volaby has had more than 650+ conversations with volunteering organisations, and in doing so has learnt many, many valuable lessons that we want to help share with the Industry.

One of the most fundamental pieces of running a volunteering organisation (we have come to learn) is the need to understand, create and improve each of our own Volunteer Funnels for our respective volunteering operations.

In a nutshell, as we work hard to meet > connect > induct > activate and nurture our volunteers, it is clear that we need to understand the details of each of these steps (respectively) in order to best guide and retain our volunteers so they get the most of our their experience, and our organisations can continue to have an impact on our society.

So, this is why we have created a free Volunteer Management Funnel Framework to share with amazing audience to help them better understand and improve their process for their community!

Click below to download your FREE copy watch our instructional video 🙂