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We’re excited about the future, and we had a desire to create a unique identity that symbolises the impact we’re trying to make on the community. We love what we have created with Campfire and what it represents to us, you, and our team. However, we wanted something that could stand on its own and truly demonstrate the space in which we are trying to reinvent.


Q: Why are we rebranding?

A: We believe the timing is perfect for a rebrand. We’re now over 18 months into helping volunteer-involving organisations, and we believe we understand, more than ever, the needs of our partners (that’s you!) We want to reflect our aims to support you further in creating impact and adding value; rebranding to Volaby aligns us perfectly with this vision.

Q: What does Volaby mean?

A: Volaby is volunteering, simple as A to B.

We don’t sell tents. We want to work with volunteers to build the simplest tool that we can. Our goal is to connect good people (you) with good technology (us), and we want it to feel as simple as A to B.

What does the Volaby logo mean: Heart and hands up for volunteering

Q: Has any functionality changed?

A: No.

Everything will still be the same for now. We have big plans for Volaby, but for now everything is still exactly where it always has been.

Q: What about our Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

If you’re already following us, great! The same accounts will remain, but everything will be updated to the new @volaby content. If you’re yet to follow our socials, now is the chance to keep up to date with Volaby tech4good content, get in touch and share your thoughts, and subscribe to stories from heaps of our other partner orgs.

Thank you so much!

Volaby represents everything volunteering from A to B, and encompasses our goal of making the volunteering experience as simple as A to B for individuals, teams, and organisations. We’re also proud of our heritage and that we built this solution from our own experiences and as such have carried that Orange Sky colours into Volaby.

We hope that this answered as many questions as possible. Please feel to reach out if you have any further questions or different concerns. Our promise is always that nothing will be disrupted through this period.

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