What does data collection look like in volunteer management software?

The Power of Real Impact Measurement

Campfire is a platform designed through the ethos of #tech4good with the idea that technology is an incredible tool that can enable growth. Our partnered organisations note how easy the data capture element of Campfire is and how their community impact growth can be directly attributed to the rich data collected in Campfire. Data capture is highly regarded in a for-profit space, so why can’t it be as important in the non-for-profit sector? We asked Dan Young to write us a little piece on this – let us know your thoughts!

Volunteers come from all walks of life and bring with them a vast range of reasons behind their motivation to volunteer their time. We’ve met volunteers who are passionately driven through personal life experiences, through study/government requirements, through the desire to use volunteering to boost a resume, even though pure boredom! There is an endless list of motivations behind somebody choosing to engage in volunteering.

Whilst volunteers’ backgrounds and motivations are all uniquely personal to them, to remain positively engaged, virtually ALL volunteers need to feel that their efforts are both valued and that they are making a positive difference through the gift of the precious resource that is their time and this is where impact measurement comes into the story.

When we ask volunteers what their individual impact is we get two types of answer:

  • I volunteer once a week and have done so for about 2 years.


  • I have been volunteering for the past 2 years and have given 223 hours of my time across 103 shifts and now helped in 3 different locations. I have provided 394 meals to those in need and had 268 hours of genuine conversation with those less fortunate within my community. Once I reach 250 hours, I’ll become a platinum volunteer and that’s very exciting as only 2 others have ever reached this level!

As you can see, by measuring the impact and sharing this with the volunteer they can tangibly see and feel the difference they are making, and this keeps them positively engaged to their volunteering activity.

So why does having positively engaged volunteers matter anyway?

positively engaged volunteers become regular volunteers,

regular volunteers form stronger connections,

stronger connections help develop loyal volunteers,

loyal volunteers develop into long term volunteers,

long term volunteers require less training,

less training gives you more time, 

and more time is priceless for helping you to amplify your mission.

Through something as simple as measuring impact, there are not only direct positive benefits to your volunteers but also flow-on effects right throughout the organisation. This is why impact measurement has become a key pillar to Campfire’s volunteer management solution and a widely valued feature for our Campfire partners.

If you would like to know more about how Campfire works as amazing data capture tool – get in contact with the team today!