#tech4good...When It's Legit For Good

#tech4good – At its core, is technology developed and used with an intent to make a positive impact on our world (connection, health, energy, environment, …) – its purpose is to benefit the majority, not the minority. It’s 100% #tech4good, not #tech4profit.

Most tech companies like to claim in their purpose that they are doing all these amazing things to make our world better (safer, more sustainable, healthier, more connected, smarter…), it’s the “why” behind their very existence.

You could argue they do “make a difference”, and the tech they are developing does genuinely have a positive impact on the world we live in – it’s tech for good and we need this technology to ensure our world is suitable and sustainable for all future generations.

But, when is #tech4good, legit for good? With no strings attached, no bullshit?

When tech is not just created because there is a need in the market and an opportunity to help, but it’s created with a real and genuine mindset to do good. When it’s #tech4good there are no shareholders that will become overnight millionaires after IBM acquires their business at 30x annual revenues – just tech created for a legit good and genuine reason, where every $ earned is used to make more “good.”

I’ve been fortunate to have worked for some really great companies, surrounded myself with and met some incredibly smart and inspiring individuals. These companies and these people were building tech that did/do great things which help make the world a better place. The biggest problem – when it came to the board table, profit and revenue was front and centre of the conversation.. “How can we make more money?”.. Why is that?!

Then I joined Orange Sky to help on the Campfire project. What an eye opener! The purpose was different, the conversation was different, why people came to work every day was different. It was so blindingly obvious! The conversation changed to “how can we amplify our impact and the impact of our partner organisations to collectively amplify the impact of our respective missions?”

Doing good became the priority. Sure, we still need to fund development, but the sole purpose for that funding is to create tech that will help make our world better – no strings attached. Our partners pay to use Campfire and what they pay is directly related to a combination of value (the impact Campfire helps them make). Our partners are not our clients, they are our partners in doing good. They contribute to the ongoing development of Campfire and success of the for-purpose sector.

Campfire’s mission is to build a tech platform for amazing people to connect with and do extraordinary things. It’s simple, we want to present as many opportunities to Amazing People (those who choose to give the gift of their time to do good things) as possible and allow our incredible partners to connect with those Amazing People through our tech platform so they can do extraordinary things – make a real and genuine difference!

What makes a tech company, a legit #tech4good company? They live and breathe their purpose. The founders aren’t driven by an eventual payday, they are driven by the satisfaction of knowing they have helped or will help improve the lives of others. People who work for these companies do so because their values and beliefs align with the purpose of the company – they don’t demand huge salaries, they demand we do “good” things.

Bottom line – If your tech companies’ primary intention is to genuinely do good, then you are legit “#tech4good”.

Mike Capps

Campfire Partnership Lead