Silver Linings

We asked Campfire's Partner Engagement Manager, Alex Urquhart, to reflect on what has changed, and how to put a positive spin on everything.

One thing I have come to learn in life is that when we go through change, its inevitably followed by a wave of stress. We learn to adapt and mould with all our new surroundings, but one thing that typically gets missed when trying to keep our head above water is the sudden influx of new and exciting opportunities that come with it.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented its fair share of challenges, but changing your perspective during these times can turn a dumping wave into a chance to hang ten and surf through some pretty awesome experiences!

So, as I sit here writing this in my home office after more than two months living in this ‘new normal,’ I’ve started thinking about what the silver linings are to all of these new challenges?

1. We might be physically distanced, but we’re more socially connected than ever.

Having some time on my own, I have begun to think about all the great people in my life who I had wanted to catch up with but had been too ‘busy’ to do so. Whilst being isolated, I have found the perfect opportunity to call these people up to reminisce and get an update of what has been happening in their lives – something I may not have done if hadn’t it been for all this pesky isolation! In fact, one of these calls turned into an online games session (that lasted for hours), and left as all laughing and feeling much more connected.

2. Being alone (sometimes) is the best form of self care

In a world were we are addicted to being busy, doing more and accomplishing more – I have found it super refreshing and highly valuable to take time away from ‘doing things’, and instead spend time listening to my own thoughts, thinking about where my life has been and what I am thinking of next. Some of these thoughts were more surprising than I expected! Without getting too philosophical, it’s helped me connect with myself a little more, which has (ironically) helped me connect with others around me more authentically – and for that I’m thankful!

3. An appreciation for the little things in life

Once we overcome this pandemic, one thing I know for sure is that isolation will give all of us a much higher appreciate of a face-to-face connection – something we may have previously taken for granted. I feel the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ will be very much evident when we are released back into the big wide world! A couple of months ago, the idea of having a drink with a friend in the city was neither here nor there. Now, this is something people are yearning for and will no doubt be cherished and truly satisfying when we experience it again.

There is a law of physics that says, ‘energy cannot be created nor destroyed’, instead it just changes and takes shape in different forms. I like to think that this is a pattern in nature, and the same stands true for positive experiences and opportunities – they never go away, they just take different forms and may require us to step back and look at things in a new light to see them again. Being isolated shouldn’t mean a loss of connection, it just gives us an opportunity to connect differently.

Alex Urquhart

Campfire's Partner Engagement Manager