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Should we put expectations on volunteers?

Should We Put Expectations On Volunteers?

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Throughout our incredible journey we continue to hear about beautiful memories and friendships, this is one of our favourite parts of our job. But to make this happen we rely on our volunteers, as others rely on us. If a volunteer is not able to attend a shift or cannot make it at the last minute for any reason, this means that people may miss out on the service you provide. We love to be consistent and reliable for our friends and our service mean a lot to them and of course we hate to disappoint.

On the other side of this, people lead busy lives, things happen that are unavoidable and life is unpredictable. If something does pop up at last minute out of people’s control, we must problem solve to find a solution. However, if volunteers don’t communicate when they are unable to attend their shift they are rostered on or don’t want to commit to shifts regularly then this will cause some issues.

There are many people who love the idea of volunteering and helping the greater community. They come and give their time to a cause they believe in. However, the completion of their first shift can mean they are eager for more or that they loved the experience, but don’t want to commit regularly and could struggle to find a way to fit it into their busy schedules. We all understand the stress of a modern-day timetable and for some people if something has to give, unfortunately that can usually mean their volunteering commitment.

This all begs the question, what expectations should we put on our volunteers? We are so very grateful for the incredible work we can achieve with our volunteers and the time they can give despite their busy schedules. However, if there are no expectations set or commitments to shifts then there is a flow on effect. So, we would love to hear from you, if you have ever volunteered or have managed volunteers, what worked for you?

For those of you using Volaby: Have you thought about including some of these questions in your onboarding process? This might help improve your relationship with your volunteers and to better establish a starting point with them. If you start to notice common themes this might give you something to think about and adjust accordingly to put your best foot forward.

We hope you enjoyed this post on Volaby Voice and we will be back soon with our next instalment!