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After countless spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and text, Australian born charity Orange Sky was tired of working at 150% capacity just to keep the wheels turning in their volunteer operations (not to mention it was getting in the way of their dream of scaling their cause!).

After a global search to find the right solution, Orange Sky concluded their was nothing that fit their needs, and so decided to create their own volunteer management platform. After using this technology to automate and scale their volunteering to 2,000+ volunteers across Australia and NZ, it quickly took the attention of Google who decided to back this technology so that other volunteering organisations could benefit and replicate this success.

Therefore, Volaby was born!

Volaby is now proud to be supporting many volunteering organisations across both Australia & NZ that have come in all shapes and sizes and share our same vision (from local operations to multinational organisations).

Volaby is passionate about supporting the non-profit sector, which is why all Volaby Subscriptions are recycled either back into the platform for constant improvements, or in Orange Sky’s services that help support those doing it tough.