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A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

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It’s no secret volunteers are amazing people.

For anyone who has the privilege of working alongside amazing volunteers on a regular basis, there’s no doubt you might have a long list of valuable life lessons they might have taught you – either actively or just by the way they lead by example.

We hear many great lessons from volunteers both internally at Orange Sky, and externally through our amazing partner organisations – and we are always excited to share them when/where it makes sense.

Here is one such example that we couldn’t help but share. This is a quick video from the lovely Mark Bezo‘s (coincidently he is the brother of the famous billionaires, Jeff Bezos) as he regales a humorous anecdote of his time as a volunteer firefighter, and how the little things taught him the most of what it means to help others.

Check out the video for yourself below and see what you think! 😃