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Volunteer re-engage email template

When volunteer organisations send out the call for volunteers, the feedback we generally appears to go something like “we would love to help and we love what you guys are doing“. However, when we look at the statistics, we noticed that in most cases the full conversion from ‘expression of interest’ (EOI) to active and committed volunteer is around about 10-15% on average.

So why is that?

We can say with confidence that it is not because these people are liars, or that they don’t care or don’t want to help. For the most part, we find it typically comes back to a reasons we discuss a lot in the Volaby Voice, and that is – volunteers live busy lives, and unfortunately this means their volunteer time/effort can typically take a back seat when facing their existing commitments/priorities like family, schooling, work, kids, sports and general social life. Now this doesn’t mean all is lost. It just means we need to think outside the box and come up with new and more simple/exciting/innovative ways to engage and active amazing volunteers.

One area we find typically gets overlooked is the re-engagement of applicants from your volunteer pipeline. For instance, if 10% of your applicants become full volunteers, then what about the remaining 90%? We would hazard a guess that these people are interested enough to apply to your organisation, but might have been side-tracked or too busy to complete it at the time. So why not try reconnect with them?

We find the best results come by:

  • Running a re-connecting email cadence/campaign every 3-6 months (that way we aren’t annoying anyone and giving them enough time that their availability might have freed up!).
  • Making your campaign short, simple and too the point (people’s time is valuable, each day most people receive a multitude of emails and don’t have time to read a ‘novel’ sized email. Best results seem to come from being short, sweet, to the point and helpful 😁)
  • Providing valuable content back to them (people don’t like to be constantly tapped on the shoulder and asked “can you help now? can you help now?”. Pushy engagement typically results in people unsubscribing or worse, inducing anger and resentment towards you and your cause. If you are going to interrupt someone’s day and ask them for something, best to do it with a polite and helpful gesture for the best chance of a response. This could include an update of the progress of your amazing cause, a video from some of your passionate volunteers, or perhaps some exciting news of where your organisation is heading to excite the to come and join!).

Volaby has combined all of these valuable lessons and produced a three (3) part email cadence template that could be modified and used by other amazing volunteering organisations should they wish to run their own ‘re-engagement campaign!’. Click the button below to download your free copy today!

For those Volaby Admin/Managers:

You can do this by exporting your incoming volunteer database list via CSV speadsheet, and applying the template to see who else you can re-connect with!