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Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation Template!

{read time: ~2 mins}

We all know that amazing volunteers don’t do what they do just to be thanked – quite the opposite really – most volunteers are so amazing because they are so incredibly selfless! Although, after 100’s of conversations with volunteers who are involved in all types of organisations, there was a clear and consistent voice of feedback from them that sounded something like:

“I don’t need anything in return, but it is always nice to know that your time and effort is acknowledged and appreciated 😊

And we couldn’t agree more. It’s innately human to want some form of feedback that your time and energy isn’t for nothing, and I think we all like to be appreciated in one way or another for our efforts.

So! This is why we decided to create a free ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ template that can be used for other cohorts of volunteers. Whilst nothing will ever truly beat a genuine and sincere face-to-face ‘thank you’, it can some times mean the world to someone if they are provided with a tangible token of appreciation that they can hold and truly be proud of (particularly if their language of love is in the form of gift giving!).

The Certificate template below is an all encompassing template that can be used as a general thank you for their time and effort. However, don’t be afraid to take this further and explore other ways of using this template to show your volunteers how much you appreciate them. This could include:

  • 1 Year volunteering anniversary
  • Completion of 10, 100, or ever 1,000 hours of volunteering
  • Special mentions for being an all rounder or volunteer leader
  • ‘Volunteer of the Month’ Award
  • Or anything else you think your volunteers love – Sky’s the limit!

Click below to download your FREE copy using Canva! (It’s free and super easy to use!)