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Simon Sinek: Stop calling yourself a non-profit

[Video = ~2mins]

Sometimes the title “non-profit” doesn’t quite sum up the magnitude of impact some incredible organisations have in the world.

Although technically correct (and certainly the right phrasing to use when it comes to tax season!), there can some times be a disconnect between labelling something as non-profit, instead of “for-purpose” or “for-impact”. When passionate organisations set out to improve their community for the better, it can be more impowering to focus on what you ARE instead of what you’re NOT.

Although non-profits obviously aren’t focused on generating financial ROI, they ARE however focused on generating a different kind of ROI – whether it be through more meals given, more clothes provided, or more quality connections/conversations for those who need it most.

This topic sparked our attention recently from a short video from the world-renown public speaker, Simon Sinek, where he passionately addresses his frustrations with amazing organisations who should be labelling themselves according to the impact they are making and not what they accountant calls them.

Check out the video for yourself below and see what you think! 😃