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86 Days to 1: Revamping volunteer onboarding

Coping with Covid:

Making the most of a Challenge

It’s no secret that Covid has been a trying time for everyone, and the volunteering world has certainly had their fair share of challenges to overcome in the past 18 months. However, we are firm believers that there is always something to be gained in the midst of adversity, and that:

Necessity is the mother of invention” 

So we are always excited to talk to people (or organisations) who work hard to always learn from their challenges and not let them define them. In saying this, we were lucky enough to see an example of this right at our door step in our own Orange Sky operations team in the midst of Covid and constant lockdowns in the past year. This is what we saw:

The Challenge: Using a pre-covid onboarding process that relied on multiple face to face interactions, coordination of multiple volunteer/employee availabilities and potential delays that saw (in some cases) the onboarding process take up to 86 days to complete. This of course restricted the ability for OSA to recover quickly from frequent lockdowns, and ultimately deterred and prevented quality engagement with volunteers due to a somewhat disjointed (and at times) unpleasant experience. As an increasing number of volunteers were becoming uncomfortable to volunteer on shift (which we completely appreciated given the circumstances), the decline in possible shifts became further exacerbated given the current delays in activating (or re-activating) volunteers who were comfortable (and lovely enough) to become active on shift again.

The Solution: A full diagnosis and revamp of each step/stage of the volunteer onboarding process from each group of stakeholders. Refining and/or eliminating any areas which did not serve a necessary benefit for both the volunteer and the organisations. An automated and ‘on-demand’ volunteer onboarding experience that resulted in the ability to engage, verify and onboard the right volunteers in less than 1 day!

Click below to watch the full interview with the amazing Izzy from the Orange Sky Operations team who was kind enough to share her experience and learnings throughout this process!