Amazing People...

…don’t just happen.

Amazing people act. They are proactive, reactive, they work hard to make a difference.

Amazing people made Campfire. Amazing people use Campfire. Amazing organisations become a part of a Campfire community.

Campfire was an idea developed from Orange Sky Laundry’s experiences and technological intuition to create a powerful volunteer management platform that had the ability to amplify the impact for-purpose organisations and volunteers have on the community. As part of the Campfire team, I get to see the incredible impact Campfire contributes to and captures for our partner organisations.

But first – a little vocabulary refresh.

Define an amazing person?

Look, to be fair that’s a pretty loaded question to answer in one blog post – I’ll start with the focus on the essence of an amazing person?

I believe, an amazing person begins with a generous person, someone who is willing to give something in exchange for nothing. For example, someone who volunteers would be considered as an amazing person because they give the gift of their time to support someone else’s mission or plight.

Although – we can come to a roadblock when small, tedious issues, arise within the amazing amplification process. This problem is generally due to a lack of resources that hinder the amplification of that amazing person and, in turn, the organisation they volunteer with. Campfire’s purpose is to solve this problem in the for-purpose sector.

But before this starts to sound like a sales pitch and I say “do you want to know more?” Let’s take it back one step – to the first step, to be exact. Communication. Communication between potential volunteers, new volunteers, active volunteers and their availability to volunteer… not going to lie, but that’s a lot of moving parts to simply coordinate with amazing people to let them do amazing things. Managing amazing people should not have to be a laborious task. It should be rewarding and efficient. The best thing about Campfire is its ability to be both rewarding and efficient, simultaneously, for both user groups in mind.

So, right now I bet you’re thinking, “how is this different my epically colour coded and heavily detailed excel spreadsheet?” Well, can your rostering excel spreadsheet talk to your onboarding spreadsheet that also talks to your active volunteer spreadsheet which then talks to your entire volunteer database spreadsheet? That’s a lot of talking, and a lot of talking means a lot of time and time is of the essence! Remember that amazing people give up their time to contribute to an organisation’s mission, their time does not need to be attributed to the lengthy onboarding, availability allocation and reporting processes.

I almost forgot the ability to report the amazingness! Being able to accurately measure a volunteer’s impact is just one way you can give back to your volunteers. In the end, a little bit of appreciation goes a long way – the act of showing gratitude gives your volunteers the amazing fulfilment to continue what they do and allow organisations to continue moving towards their mission.

Now I am going to sound really fluffly… Amazing people, they give their time, but at the end of the day it can come down to this: “Sometimes people come into your life for a moment, a day or a lifetime. It matters not the time they spent with you but how they impacted your life in that time.” Time is precious, valuable and fleeting. Let an amazing person do amazing things through their contribution to positively impact their community.