Volaby Voice:

Saying thank you doesn't need to cost the world!

All you need is a LinkedIn account 😁

{read time: ~ 5 mins}

For this week’s Volaby Voice – we want to want to share with you a great way to give back to your volunteers that says thank you, and it’s FREE!

With the Hussle & bustle that comes with managing Volunteers, we know that sometimes it can be hard to give the level of thanks and appreciation we want to give our volunteers. In addition to that, we don’t always have the resources to be able to buy them a gift or do something nice for them. As charities or non-for-profits money can be a strict resource at times, (which is why we need the volunteers to begin with!). So, we got to thinking as to what we can do to be able to show in a small way how much we care – but that will make a big impact in the lives of our volunteers.

So we turned to LinkedIn

After speaking with over 1,000+ volunteering organisations in the part 2 years, we always liked to ask “so what drives your volunteers?”. A part from the overwhelmingly top response of “we wanted a way to give back and help others”, another very clear and common answer was “it helps us gain experience and lessons for our career…”. So we started to think – how could us managers (and the organisation as a whole) use this driver to better support our volunteers?

Well, a resource that can be utilised is LinkedIn recommendations.

If you are non the wiser on this topic then we are happy to show you how this works, how quick and effective it can be, and what an incredible impact it can make to a volunteer’s life.

Let’s begin with what they are, they are a reference you can provide when you are connected on LinkedIn with someone that can appear on their profile, providing a confirmation on their skill, experience and work ethic. It is a free and extremely easy way to provide something valuable back to your volunteers. One of the first things a new employer will do when assessing a candidate is look at their LinkedIn profile and gauge whether or not they want to take a risk on them when hiring.

You can access this feature through their profile, we have provided a video via the link below showing how to access this.

Click for see video on how to access recommendations

The next step is making this quick and effective. We are going to provide some quick tips on how to construct a great recommendation so that you can hit the ground running and save some time!

  1. Utilise all the features at your fingertips, you have the option of drop-down boxes to make your recommendation more specific and easier for potential people hiring to pinpoint this skill.
  2. How to write your description. Give an insight into their skills, things you have noticed that make them beneficial to their shifts. As well as any personality traits that stand out and will make them attractive to other employers.
  3. End with why you would recommend them to others or why you think they were able to benefit your organisation.

If you wanted to browse some great recommendations or see more details on how to make this more effective, please visit the article linked below.

Click to see what makes a good LinkedIn recommendation